Carers Tasmania, the state’s Peak Body for carers, has welcomed the passing of legislation by the House of Assembly yesterday that will, for the first time, formally recognise informal carers in the state.

Informal carers in most cases, are family members caring for someone with disability, mental ill health, chronic or life-limiting conditions, alcohol or other drug dependence or who is frail or aged.

Under the new legislation, informal kinship carers, who are most commonly grandparents, will also be recognised when they are caring for a child.

“It is long overdue that they be seen, acknowledged and respected as a matter of law,” said CEO David Brennan.

“Carers Tasmania thanks the Parliament for cross-Party and Independent support of this important legislation. Carers are heartened to know all MPs have put differences aside and come together to recognise and support them,” said Mr Brennan.

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Final change- Carer Recognition Bill NU DB (1)