Carers Tasmania invites you to attend a FREE 4 week course in 2020 for Carers of people living with Dementia.

Topics covered are:
Week One: Understanding Dementia – Covers basic dementia information, what dementia is, different types, how dementia affects a person, strategies to assist.
Week Two: Effective Communication – How best to communicate with a person with dementia, and how misinterpretation can happen.
Week Three: Understanding Changed Responses & Actions (behaviours) – An explanation of why people with dementia act in certain ways and sometimes do things that are not understood
by the family member/carer.
Week Four: Are you looking after yourself? – This session focuses on the family member/carer in how they can look after their own health and wellbeing, outlines the importance of taking breaks, doing things just for themselves & the grieving process.

Time 11:00am – 2.30pm on each occasion


W1: 30 Nov
W2: 7 Dec
W3: 14 Dec
W4: 21 Dec

To attend the workshop, you need to be registered with the Carer Gateway.

Registration form can be found here.

Please register asap as places are limited.