The recognition of family carers in today’s Federal Opposition announcement of a New Jobs Tax is welcomed by carers in Tasmania. 

The proposed initiative targets those under 25 and over 55 years of age. 

In Tasmania, there are 85,500 carers of which 7,600 are under 25 years old. The average age of carers overall is 55 years old and are predominantly female. 

Women carers are more likely to leave employment to take on caring duties for family members and are often left with no pathway back to work,” said David Brennan, CEO of carers peak body, Carers Tasmania. 

“Similarly, many young carers under 25 have often dropped out of school, TAFE or university to care for those they love. The get left behind by the economy, hidden from opportunity.” 

In 2015, Access Economics estimated the replacement value of carers across Australia at $60.3B or overall $1B every week.  

 A policy that recognises the massive contribution of carers to their family and the Australian economy by giving a 30% tax cut to small businesses on the wages of carers they employ is welcomed by Carers Tasmania.”  

About Carers Tasmania 

Carers Tasmania is a non-profit body supporting informal carers across the state. They were appointed the stat’s Peak Body for carers in July 2018, recognising their central role as the lead agency for family and friend carers. 

Carers Tasmania has offices in Hobart, Launceston and Burnie. 

About family carers 

An informal, unpaid carer is often a family member that cares for someone suffering chronic or terminal illness, has a mental health illness, is frail aged, has a disability or alcohol or other drug issue.  

Informal carers are distinct from paid support workers who are also colloquially also called carers, but are fully employed and remunerated with all the benefits of employment. Conversely, family carers perform their caring duties without remuneration.