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Getting involved with Carers Tasmania can help us to support carers across Tasmania. There are many ways you can get involved, from being a member to volunteering or making a donation.

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Carers Tasmania is a rich organisation of people with a broad range of skills, personalities and knowledge contributing to our work. Whether you are looking to join us as a staff member, volunteer or on a student placement, we look forward to having you on board.

  • Join our team

    Carers Tasmania has a dedicated team of over 20 people working across Tasmania to support family carers. We value our skilled employees, and aim to create a flexible working environment for all staff.

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  • Volunteering

    Volunteers help Carers Tasmania to connect with the broader community and bring energy and knowledge to our organisation. Carers Tasmania is committed to utilising and valuing the skills, time, talents and energy of volunteers effectively.

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  • Student Placements

    We are always looking for people to fill unpaid positions with us working on special projects.

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Donating online is fast and easy. And it makes a difference.

Your gift, no matter how big or small, helps us to help carers across Tasmania.

To see how your money helps carers, find out more about some of the services provided by Carers Tasmania.

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Corporate Partnerships

Partnerships have a valuable impact on our capacity to meet the needs of Tasmanian carers. Together, we are able to build projects that improves the carer community and drives value for the corporate organisation. Employees are often attracted to employers that invest in the community and stay longer and there are many other benefits of partnership.

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