As a peak body, Carers Tasmania’s role is to raise awareness and influence change.

Here you can find Carers Tasmania submissions to key national and state reforms, and reports and research relevant to carers.

Carers Tasmania Submissions and Research

Response to the Final Report for the Development of Tasmania’s Community-wide Literacy Framework 2023

Response to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport. Inquiry into Long Covid and Repeated Infections 2023

Response to the Australian Government NDIS Review ‘Our Approach’ Paper 2023

Carers Tasmania Response to the Guardianship and Administration Amendment Bill 2022

Response to the Tasmanian Health Service Statewide Hospitals Discharge Framework 2022

Carers Tasmania Response to the Draft Tasmanian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2023-2027

Carers Tasmania Submission on the draft Tasmanian Drug Strategy

Response to the Select Committee on Work and Care Terms of Reference

Submission on the Australian Government Productivity Commission Carer Leave Issues Paper

Response to the Tasmanian Draft Carer Recognition Act 2022

Carers Tasmania Response to the Our Healthcare Future – Advancing Tasmania’s Health

Carers Tasmania Submission to the New Government Strategy for older Tasmanians 2023 – 2029

Carers Tasmania Submission to the Tasmanian Women’s Strategy 

Carers Tasmania COVID Impact Survey 2022

Response to the Review of the Disability Services Act 2011 Discussion Paper

Response to the Carer Recognition Legislation Discussion Paper – December 2021

Carers Tasmania Response to the Our Healthcare Future Issues Paper Establishing a Statewide Clinical Senate for Tasmania – November 2021

Carers Tasmania Submission to the Tasmanian Carer Action Plan 2021 – 2024

Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 – Australian Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Adult Education Strategy Submission

Carers Tasmania Submission on Aged Care Safety and Quality

Feedback on the Terms of Reference for the Aged Care Royal Commission

NDIS Survey 2019

Carers Tasmania feedback on the Disability and Community Services Individual Planning Framework

Under the Umbrella – Carers Tasmania’s Submission to the Reform Agenda for Alcohol and Drug Services in Tasmania

Tasmanian Child and Youth Wellbeing Outcomes Framework submission

A future Program for Family Based Care Out of Home Care Submission

NDIS Survey 2017

Carers Tasmania Response HACC reform discussion paper Oct 2017

Carers Tasmania – Tasmania Government Budget Submission 2015-2016

Caring Voices Project – Mental Health Carers Tasmania, COTA, Medicare Local Tasmania and Carers Tasmania 

Reports and Research

Carers Tasmania Report on Balancing Employment and Caring 2022

2022 National Carer Survey – Initial Tasmanian results

Caring Costs Us Summary Report

Caring Costs Us – Full Report

2020 National Carer Survey – Tasmanian results

2020 National Carer Survey Summary Report

Road to Recovery: COVID-19 Survey Results

Australian Carers still need respite

Conversations with Parents and Carers of Children with Disability 

The Economic value of informal care in 2010

Who Cares? A report on the inquiry into Better Support Carers

Who Cares? Older Australians do (May 2020)

Conversations with Carers 2011

Policy Documents 

Aged Care Royal Commission Recommendations

Tasmanian Carers Action Plan 2021

Tasmanian Carers Policy 2016

2011 National Carer Strategy

Carer Network Media Releases

Poor sleep health of unpaid carers adversely affecting
wellbeing Carers Australia

Federal Budget 2022-23: What it means for carers